The B-CREK Solfa and B-CREK Clarà restaurants are located in Olot, near the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of la Garrotxa.

The volcanic zone is the best site of the volcanic scenery in the Iberic peninsula. It has forty volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows.

La Garrotxa is known for: from the nature and volcanoes, to the gastronomy and the scenery, going through the architecture and the buildings.

Tourist sites

You can visit tourist sites like the reserve of the Montsacopa volcano, the old town of Olot with historic and modernist buildings, the Parc Nou and the Museum of Volcanoes, the Museum of la Garrotxa.

There is also the natural reserve of la Fageda d’en Jordà, the Santa Margarida volcano and the Croscat volcano the Sant Marc and Puig Roig volcanoes, and the Rocanegra; the roman road of the Capsacosta, at the Vall de Bianya; the basaltic cliff of Castellfollit de la Roca, the medieval village of Santa Pau, Besalú with its Romanesque bridge, the mikveh and the synagogue, or the church of Sant Pere; the Juvinyà castle and the basaltic Colades de Sant Joan de les Fonts; the villages of la Vall d’en Bas like Hostalets, el Mallol, and the gorges of the Planes d’Hostoles.

La Garrotxa is an ideal zone for trekking and bicycle touring, as it has a lot of signposted trekking paths (Itinerànnia) and you can also find the green roads (Route of the Olot-Girona railway).

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