Personalised catering

Personalised service for each occasion. We know which are the best ingredients to achieve unique moments; ours is the perfect recipe.

At B-CREK we offer catering for individuals and businesses.

We cook to offer a conscious cuisine, that is fresh and has the maximum intensity of flavours in each and every dish.

We offer both a traditional and innovative cuisine, that is natural and balanced. Quality is one of our values. We select fresh and local products which are in-season, known as “zero kilometre products”.

Shall we talk? We listen to our customers so we can achieve a service that adapts to your needs.


Do you want to eat at the office just like you do at home?
At B-CREK catering we prepare your meals and deliver them to your office. Comfortable, quick and tasty!
We deliver the perfect catering for different occasions: openings, conferences, business meetings, commercial conventions and any business event.
Coffee breaks, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners… we have ideas for all sorts of different tastes.


Enjoy your celebrations without worrying about cooking: we do it for you.

Birthday parties, kids parties, informal dinners, family meetings, a romantic picnic… there are many occasions to make a special celebration.
We also offer a catering service for family and friend groups in rural houses in la Garrotxa.
We will create a menu that is tailored to any of your ideas.

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